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Vent filter (P)-BE


A P-BE filter ensures 100% sterility when storing pharmaceutical products, chemicals or food.

The P-BE is a depth filter with inner and outer protective caps made of stainless steel. Consisting of a three-dimensional borosilicate glass deep media, the P-BE reaches a pore volume of 95%, which means high containment at high flow rates and low differential pressure. A retention rate of> 99.999%, based on 0.01 µm, is achieved during operation. for food contact in accordance with CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 21 requirements. All components meet FDA requirements.

Filter housing (P)-BE


  • Non-fiber-emitting filter elements
  • Manufactured without the use of binders or other chemical additives
  • Meets cGMP requirements (current Good Manufacture Practice) and is manufactured according to DIN EN ISO9001
  • 12 different sizes for operation with volumes of 3-1980 Nm3 / h based on 1 bar
  • Different element sizes can be used due to the modular design. In addition to sterile filters, polypropylene or Teflon * membrane filters can be used.