Positive Zeta Nylon66 Membrane – Sterile Liquid Filter

The Ultrafilter PF-N6 Filter Cartridges are designed for bio-burden reduction and the final filtration of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological solutions. Composed of an inherently hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane, these filter cartridges are specifically designed to provide reliable filtration. They are available with a modified Nylon 66 membrane that includes positive-charged Zeta particles, which enhances the retention of fine particles such as endotoxins.

The features and benefits of this filter cartridge include:

  • Inherently water-wettable Nylon 66 membrane
  • Modified Nylon 66 membrane with positive-charged Zeta particles for enhanced retention of fine particles
  • High bubble point that ensures a more reliable retention efficiency
  • Low pressure drops and high flow rates for efficient filtration
  • Longer service life for less frequent filter replacements


  • Buffer Solutions
  • WFI
  • LVP & Antibiotics